ngo full form and meaning hindi in india

ngo full form and meaning hindi in india


ngo full form and meaning hindi in india :

ngo full form is non governmental organization that is not a part of government. it means there will be no government members in ngo organization. after knowing the ngo full form, it is time to have a look on history of ngo.




history of ngo:

if we see in history. we would find that the foundation of NGO started in mid of seventeen centuries. on that time, the main purpose of NGO is to provide help to those people who needs most. it plays a important roles in providing social justice and development to nation.


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types of ngo – ngo full form :

there are so many types of NGO in the word. different religions create different types of NGO for helping poor people and serving society.


  1. charitable oriented ngo- ngo full form :

charitable oriented NGO are those NGO that raises money for the purpose of charity. this NGO try to raise a large amount of money for helping those people who are in needs.




  1. community based organization ngo (cbos) : 

community based NGO is created by community. it may be some people’s initiatives. you know we will in a society where are so many community. the people in the community who are a leader tries to help urban poor people and other poor community people. suddenly they becomes famous in their community. in the end, they create some NGO to help their Communist’s people.




  1. national level organization – ngo full form:

national level organization includes those NGO that is created for help the national. the  needy person of nation can approach them.





  1. international level ngo – ngo full form:

international level NGO is created on international level. save the children, oxfam is the example of international level NGO. these are big NGO can be responsible for funding small level NGO like community NGO.


ngo full form and meaning hindi in india  what is full form of ngo?



other ngo full form :-

there are so many alternative name of NGO. person can use different name for calling them.

TSO -Third Sector Organization
NPO – Non Profit Organization
VO – Voluntary Organization
CSO – Civil Society Organization
smo – social movement organization
SHO – Self Help Organization





ngo ka full form in hindi: ngo ko hindi language me gair sarakaaree sangathan kehte hai. ye india me pai jane wali wo sangathan hai. jo garib logo ki help karne orh society ko vikshit karne ke liye banay jata hai.



Other Ngo Full form:

ngo full formNext Generation Online
ngo full form Next Government Official
ngo full formNon Governable Organizations


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