unix full form – full name of linux with meaning full form unix


unix full form – UNiplexed Information Computing System.

unix full form is uniplexed computing system. in the earlier stage of unix, unix is known as unics. it is because when it is developed in 1970s at the bell labs research center. it required the data and buses to be uniplexed. before it was not multiplexed. later it was named too as unix.  unix is the 1st operating system that includes all of its documentation in online form. after knowing unix full form, it is time to have a look on components of unix.


unix full form  full name of linux with meaning


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components of unix -unix full form name meaning :

the unix system is made of few components that are remained in a package.

  1. kernel: it provides time and memory to the programs. it is also responsible for monitoring the storage , communication of programs.
    2. shell : it si an interface between user and kernel.



  1. programs :  program is responsible for handling files and process of system. there are two thing that are found in unix that are process and file. programs try to handle these.


other unix full form :

unix full form Uniplexed Information and Computing Service
unix full form Universal Network Information Exchange
unix full form  UNiplexed Information and Computing System.
unix full form Unip Information Compute Service