wifi full form meaning in hindi

wifi full form meaning in hindi



wifi full form – Wireless fidelity:

wifi full form is wireless fidelity. WiFi is a network though which one can connect to internet or with a devise or any local area connection with a access point.  the person who want to connect his device with WiFi connection should be in the rang of WiFi access point. there are many kind of devise that he can connect like video game consoles, mobile phone, digital camera, laptops etc.

example:  if someone want to connect his devise with his friend. then he should be in the rang of his friend’s mobile. normally this rang is under 20 meters. after knowing wifi full form , now let see how to set up WiFi connection.




wifi full form meaning in hindi


how to set up wifi connection in a house?

if you are looking for information about how to set up a WiFi connection in your home. then i would like to say that there are need of only 3 components to set up a WiFi connection.
1. computer or laptop
2. modem
3. wireless router


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how to improve wifi range?

do you know that you can improve your WiFi range by increasing the number of your WiFi access point.  better range can fast roaming and enhance overall network capacity.




how to choose best wifi internet router?

at fist glance, all internet routers are appear alike. you may be confuse whom to choose so that you can can have best router in you home. you are thinking that routers with the highest Mbps rating is best.




step to find out wifi internet router – wifi full form :

here i am telling the steps to  find out the best internet router. a wireless router is important part of computer. it is difficult to install WiFi router.



  1. evaluation of signal strength – wifi full form:

it is first step to find out WiFi internet router. strength of wireless router should be good. if you are going to buy new WiFi internet router. then you should evaluate the signal strength.  here you should see the your requirement. what is needed by you.





  1. check speed of router – wifi full form :

the second step to find out WiFi router is to find speed of router.  here you have to look at Mbps. Mbps means megabits per second. the latest routers support 300 Mbps.





  1. check your speed of router -wifi full form :

there are so many online tools available on internet. from where you can check your speed of your WiFi router. you can also connect your mobile with your router for checking speed. after considering these 3 points, you can easily buy a new best WiFi router.



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